Our mission and vision

Mission (why we exist): To preserve the past and bring it to life in a permanent exhibition for all to experience.

Vision (our end goal): To inspire generations by showcasing and embracing our past in order to create an educational and exciting experience for all visitors.


In fifty years time, what will remain to tell the story of how we lived our lives today? What have we retained from fifty years ago – the 1960s-1970s?

Think of your own lifespan … how much has changed from computers, to how you perform your job, to your household items to fashion. We are a disposable society and unfortunately, our history and our culture is disappearing as time moves on. But the items of our child and adulthood that are evocative and were state-of-the-art in their time are worth preserving to share.

The Nostalgia Museum will capture and preserve our society as it was from 1945 onwards with displays and interactive exhibitions where seniors can show young ones: how the old phone worked and they can try it for themselves; when bread had to be turned around in the toaster, when cars had bench seats; what old school desks were like and what we used before computers!

Household items, fashion, cars, television programming, records, and all aspects of our lives will be captured before it is too late for future generations to understand how we lived or to see it firsthand.

With the help of patrons, sponsors and the public, the Nostalgia Museum will be a wonderful attraction for families, visitors (local and international tourists) and an asset to not only our city, but our history.

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